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Divorce is a complicated and overwhelming process to go through to end a relationship that has become trying and stressful. It may be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel; it is there. We are here to get through the process as efficiently and satisfactory as possible, whether your divorce case must be handled in court or can be resolved amicably.
Divorce Without Court

Divorce Without Court

You don’t have to sacrifice your future by litigating a stressful and lengthy legal battle. Consider taking your case out of the traditional litigation path and into alternate dispute resolution, especially if you have a non-contested divorce. A benefit to alternate dispute resolutions can be a shorter process, maintain more control over the outcome, and actively participate in the decisions.
Child Support & Parenting


Your children are your first concern in a divorce or custody dispute. Child related issues may involve parenting time, decision-making, or child support matters. The thought of letting a judge, who does not know you or your ex, find what is in your child’s best interest should be terrifying. Arm yourself with knowledge and a team devoted to ensuring your parental rights are protected.
Asset Divorce Protection

High Asset Divorces

No one wants to feel as if they were exploited with a financial settlement in a divorce. When large or complicated assets are involved, special attention and steps must be taken, to ensure your assets are protected. Over or under valuing assets makes a significant difference in the outcome.

There are several factors that must be analyzed to ensure assets are protected in high-asset divorces.

Modification of parenting time Colorado


Modifications to parenting plans, decision-making, and child support are almost inevitable in most family law cases with children. As children and families grow, the needs of the children change. Often times parents handle these modifications outside of the court process. A caution on informal modifications; if it is not a court order it cannot be enforced.There are several factors that must be analyzed to ensure assets are protected in high-asset divorces.
Services For Divorce Denver

A La Carte Services

For those potential clients that are interested in consulting with an attorney but feel comfortable handling the case themselves, unbundled legal services (sometimes called limited representation) may be a good fit. Unbundled legal services can be a cost effective way to obtain legal services. This option allows you to consult with an attorney to discuss the potential legal issue, prepare for upcoming hearings, prepare a pleading, and/or review proposed parenting plans, support orders, or separation agreements.

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