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For those potential clients that are interested in consulting with an attorney but feel comfortable handling the case themselves, unbundled legal services (sometimes called limited representation) may be a good fit.  Unbundled legal services can be a cost effective way to obtain legal services.  This option allows you to consult with an attorney to discuss the potential legal issue, prepare for upcoming hearings, prepare a pleading, and/or review proposed parenting plans, support orders, or separation agreements.

Essentially, with unbundled services you pay the attorney an hourly rate to work on a specific aspect of the case while you are representing yourself in the case.

We have assisted clients in an unbundled fashion for the following legal issues:

  • review of separation agreements, support orders, and parenting plans
  • drafted documents for clients
  • reviewed statues with clients to provide guidance on moving forward
  • assisted with trial preparation

There are limitations to this type of agreement and it can be altered at any time by agreement of the attorney and the party.  With unbundled services, you will remain pro se and are not represented in any proceeding by the attorney, the attorney will not be with you in court and will not communicate with any other party in the case.

When you are pro se you remain solely responsible for all aspects of your legal matter, including meeting all court deadlines, discovery requirements, filing all appropriate pleadings, communicate appropriately with opposing counsel and party and understanding the applicable law, court order, and court rules.

To learn more about unbundled or limited representation services, please contact us at (303) 747-4686 or via email at info@schmidtlawgrp.com.

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