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Collaborative Law

Just like you choose how to get married, you can choose how to get divorced.   The collaborative divorce process allows you and your spouse, not judges after long stressful hearings, to make the decisions in how to separate.

The collaborative divorce is different in that it as a cooperative and team approach.  Instead of pitting you and your ex-spouse against each other in a “winner take all” outcome, it allows for creative solutions to the divorce issue.  You maintain the control of your future, your finances, and most importantly, your family.

In a collaborative divorce the parties jointly provide mandatory disclosures, jointly choose experts or resolve valuation disputes, and craft individualized agreements.  This is done with input from your collaboratively trained attorney and other professionals, as needed.

There are many benefits to a collaborative divorce:

  • Problem solving approach:  The focus is on resolving the issue in a creative manner as opposed to fighting senseless battles.  This approach allows you to focused on what is important rather than trying to gain an advantage over the other party.
  • Efficient:  The process is geared toward solving problems rather than gearing up for a lengthy court battle where there are very few winners.
  • Control in outcome:  You are involved in the outcome and direct the pace of the settlement.
  • Children focused:  This approach keeps your children in the fore front of any agreements that may impact them.

Our attorney has been trained in the collaborative divorce process. We are only able to represent one party in a collaborative divorce.  Should you like to explore this process for your divorce, uncontested or contested, call us today at (303) 747-4686.

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