The vast majority of issues that you may have in family law/divorce will require you to participate in mediation.  Mediation can occur in one or a series of sessions.  The goal is to resolve your issue without having a long, costly, and nerve racking court hearing.

You don’t have to wait for a court order to mediate.  You can engage in mediation at anytime as long as you and the other party are in agreement to mediate.  Mediation provides an opportunity for the parties to discuss their issue, clear up misunderstandings, identify separate and mutual interests and find areas of agreement.

Mediators are third party neutrals that have no skin in the game.  A mediator does not offer legal advice or represent one party or the other.  Their job is to assist the parties in reaching agreements.  A successful mediation takes the participation of all parties and a skilled mediator.

Mediators should be trained in the process of mediation.  It is more than sitting down with each side to see what they want.   It is a process.  The process that we utilize involves:

  1. Separate pre-interviews with each party prior to mediation to flush out issues and concerns of each party. This is confidential and cannot, without authorization be revealed to the other party.
  2. Defining with parties the agenda for mediation.
  3. Identifying all options that might work for all parties
  4. Examine the options fully in order to work towards a potential solution to the issue(s).
  5. Reducing any agreements to a Memorandum of Understanding to be presented to the court.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Allows parties to retain greater control over the development of agreements
  • Mediation is confidential unless both parties agree otherwise
  • The process may promote greater understanding and cooperation moving forward to avoid future disagreements

We also use our golden rule for mediation; before making a demand or settlement proposal, provide a value to the other party.  (It’s harder for the other party to pass up)


Laurie is trained and received her certificate in mediation through the Colorado Bar Association Mediation .

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