How To Reduce Uncertainty During A Divorce

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How To Reduce Uncertainty During A Divorce

The decision to divorce is not an easy decision. Once you make the decision, the unknown time and financial impact can be a significant source of stress.  Below are some recommendations for those that are contemplating or have just begun a divorce to keep yourself focused on moving your case forward.

  1. Organize your finances: This allows you to have critical data at your fingertips to be able to make an informed decision regarding the division of assets and liabilities.
  2. Prepare a Budget: This allows you to plan for support obligations and to create a spending plan for you during the case so that you do not have to use credit.
  3. Talk with a CPA or financial planner to consider any potential tax implications or how to best preserve retirement and higher-valued assets.
  4. Set a reasonable timeline so that you are prepared for upcoming events. As a general rule, you should have everything that you need at least two weeks prior to an event, such as mediation or a hearing.
  5. Talk about shared parenting time and responsibilities. for children both during and after the divorce. Keeping an open dialog with your ex-spouse can ease the transition for you and your children.

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