Family Law

Overview of Family Law in Colorado

Denver Colorado Family Law Issues are very fact specific meaning one issue is never the same for two people because family law involves the unique dynamics of your relationships.  Family law includes: divorce, legal separations, child support, child custody, guardianship, and adoptions.  These issues may arise under a variety of different situations.

Post Decree Matters

Post Decree matters means that a court has issued orders in the case, but the orders must be modified or changed.  Most commonly, we see a change to be necessary in the amount of child support ordered or awarded and changes in parenting time as the children grow older.


Divorce is the process of legally ending a marriage.  Once the divorce is final, you are not connected to the person in the eyes of the law and all married property, assets, and liabilities should be split between the two spouses. You can learn more information about the divorce process at Colorado Divorce Process.

Quick information to be aware of if you are considering filing for divorce:

  • It takes at least 91 days for a divorce to be finalized
  • You can file for divorce and still try and work on the marriage
  • You can consult an attorney to investigate potential options
  • You can attend marriage counseling after you file for divorce
  • You can request the court order child support and/or temporary support during the pendency of the divorce action

Allocation of Parental Responsibility

A request for allocation of parental responsibility is the process to follow if you and the other parent of your child were not married and are no longer together.  This is the process where you request the court to award legal decision making authority and parenting time between you and the other parent.

Legal Separation

A legal separation is similar to a divorce but the legal marriage stays intact.  A legal separation would require the court to separate all martial property, assets, and debts between the two parties; however you would not be free to remarry.  This is an option for someone who may not want to face the stigma of a divorce.