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As your divorce attorney, we will strive to  make a difference in your divorce proceeding.  We will take the time time to listen to your concerns and your priorities.  A divorce can bring up a multitude of different legal issues and concerns.Don’t try and navigate the system alone; contact us today for more information or visit our page on Denver Divorce Law.

Whether you are going through a divorce, legal separation, or ending a relationship, there are many decisions that must be made concerning the care and custody of your children. These decisions will impact your child’s life in the short and long term.  Contact us today or visit our page on child custody

Guardianships are tools to allow someone other than the biological parent to make legal decisions regarding children.  Often times, this is a relative. Guardianships may become necessary if a biological parent is unable to care for a child due to a multitude of reasons.  If you are interested in additional information about a guardianship, contact us directly at (303) 747-4686.

​ The significant difference between legal separation and divorce is that the parties are not free to remarry.  There are reasons and situations where a legal separation is preferred to a dissolution or divorce.