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Guide to Denver Divorce and family law matters

Welcome to our website for the Guide to a Denver Divorce and Family Law Matters, an informational tool of articles regarding Denver divorce law,  Denver child custody law, and other Denver family law topics.

The decision to divorce is already a tough and emotional experience to go through, to make it more difficult the divorce court is difficult to understand and work your way through it.  Denver divorce courts will expect you to know what you must do, what you can expect, what you are entitled to receive or what you must pay.  Having an experienced Denver divorce attorney helping you navigate the system and giving you real expectations can make the experience somewhat easier for you.  The Guide to Denver Divorce and Family Law Matters provides an summary and explanation of divorce laws and other family related topics.

For some who have less complicated family law matters, such a an uncontested divorce or a basic child support calculations, this guide to Denver Divorce and Family Law Matters may be a source of information that allows you to get through your case.  For those with a more complicated case, this may provide information on a topic that you may not feel is fully explored with other recourses.  For some, this may serve as starting point or map to understanding your divorce or family law matter.

Compared to other areas of law, family law issues, such as divorce and issues concerning your children are complicated because it has both an emotional, physiological, financial, and child development components.  In family law the judge is allowed to make decisions and determinations that can impact you and your children well into the future.  These decisions and orders can require you to make payments in the form of child support, spousal support, and a property settlement to the other party.  You can be required to pay the other side’s attorneys fees and costs and finally, the judge can decide for how long and under what conditions you may see your children.

While there are statutes and laws that guide a judge on how to decide a case, there is no one size fits all and one judge may see a case completely different than another judge.  It is extremely important that you are prepared to present your side of the issues to the court in a manner that the court can see your point of view.  This would be were a family law attorney can be beneficial.

It can be temping to begin a family law case by trying to rush through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Planning for your divorce is a better alternative to reduce stress and anxiety during the case.  Before you take any legal action, we always recommend that you take the time to think about what it is you need or would like the divorce attorney to help you achieve.  You may be able to lower or limit the cost of representation by eliminating areas where you and your spouse/other parent agree.  Having your end goal in mind and eliminating issues of agreement will also help you determine what level of help you would need from your divorce attorney.

If you need information about a divorce, child custody, child support, or other family law issue, we would encourage you to explore our website.  If your issues is more detailed or complicated, please set an appointment with one of our attorneys on staff by clicking the BOOK APPOINTMENT button to the right or below if you are on a mobile platform or contact us directly at (303) 835-1240.

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